Kohli & Co to Get Lively Welcome in Centurion:…

Centurion: The South African pacers are in for a treat at the SuperSport Park as they gear up to take on India in the second Test of the three-match series from Saturday. Speaking exclusively to CricketNext, chief curator Bryan Bloy has promised a wicket that will have pace, bounce and a bit of sideways movement.

The Indian batsmen will definitely have their task cut-out with pace and bounce not being something that Virat Kohli and his boys are too comfortable against. Add to that the invariable bounce that might come in later in the Test match.

“Firstly my apologies, I don’t like doing lives, just happy to speak to you. Coming to the wicket, well you will get pace and bounce. That is the true nature of the wicket here at SuperSport Park. You can also expect a bit of sideways movement, but primarily pace and bounce.

"Going into the later stages of the game, you might also start seeing some invariable bounce as it is very dry here and that would or could make the pitch crack up. But that would not really be for assistance to the spinners. Wickets at SuperSport Park over the years have turned, not that it has not, but that would be more from the rough created by the bowlers,” he said.

In his second season in charge at the venue, Bloy says that more than favouring the home team, it is about preparing a wicket that shall play true to its nature.

“See, pace and bounce comes naturally here and that is what we have tried to keep. No point trying to change the nature of the wicket. Yes, it does end up helping the home team, but that is how it is world over. You cannot expect to change the true nature of the wicket,” he smiles.

Bloy was seen having a longish chat with the South African players in the middle, asked if it was anything specific, he said: “Naah, just showing them around the wicket as they wanted to have a look at it. Don’t worry, I would say the same things to the Indian team if they ask me (smiles again).

"For most of these guys, Titans is their domestic team and they play here at SuperSport Park, so they do know about the style of play on this one.”