Watch | Big Bash League Sees First Ever Obstru…

New Delhi: History was made in the Big Bash League 2017/18 as Brisbane Heats’ star Alex Ross was dismissed obstructing the field — the first ever in the league’s history — during his team’s match against Hobart Hurricanes on Wednesday night.

The incident occurred mid-way through the 17th over of the Heats’ innings, when Ross hit a Tymal Mills delivery on the onside and while coming back for the second run, the ball hit his bat, prompting the fielders to appeal.

The decision was referred to the third umpire and after watching the replays, Ross was given out for ‘deliberately stopping the ball’ or obstructing the field as it is widely known as. The video of the same was posted on social media and the post read: “The first obstructing the field in BBL history #BBL07”

Ross was left with no choice but to head back into the hut, however, he let his feelings known about the decision on social media later. His post read: “You must always respect the umpires decision, but I wanted to clear the air and state my intentions in the run last night. I can unequivocally say I was trying to run away from the line of the ball to avoid being hit, as I felt I was going to make my ground.”

Kiwi legend and Brisbane Heats star Brendon McCullum also hit out at the decision and went onto say that it was wrong call on umpire’s part to give the player out as it wasn’t his intention to block the path of the ball.

Later, a Cricket Australia spokesperson was quoted as saying that they were satisfied with the call made by the umpire regarding this incident and the decision was ‘justified’.

“The dismissal last night of Alex Ross from Brisbane Heat saw the batsman change direction, turn to watch the direction of the throw, and run on the pitch. The third umpire concluded that the change of running direction of the batsman, after seeing the direction of the throw, obstructed the wicket-keeper’s opportunity to affect the run out,” the CA spokesperson was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald.